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Arun Gee: Rising from Humble Beginnings

A confident Arun Gee, Chairman of Excellency Group of Companies, stands against a backdrop of modern cityscape, symbolizing his entrepreneurial success and global reach

Arun Gee, also known as Guru Gee, is the chairman of the Excellency Group of Companies. Born in a middle-class Delhi village (Kushak Hirank) in 1981, his ambition emerged early, driving him to pursue business interests by the age of 16.

Building an Empire

At 21, Gee embarked on his entrepreneurial journey, inspired by Indian business leaders. The Excellency Group, founded in 2002, has grown across three countries. In 2020, he further expanded his reach with Excellency Holdings.

Visionary and resourceful, Gee embodies the true spirit of an entrepreneur. He dares to dream big and sets himself apart with his creative approach. Trust is paramount for him, a principle reflected in his successful ventures.

Global Recognition

Despite its relatively young age (founded just five years ago), Gee’s companies have made a global impact. Operating from New Delhi, they have established a strong international presence through hard work and a focus on trust.

Gee’s ventures span diverse sectors, including real estate, construction, hospitality, education, oil, and IT. He doesn’t limit himself to building companies; he’s also a serial entrepreneur, having invested in nearly 15 startups, fostering the growth of seven.

Arun Gee story exemplifies determination, vision, and entrepreneurial excellence. His companies continue to shape industries across India and the globe.

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